Learn all of the basics necessary to enjoy a successful overnight backpacking trip! Among these basics are safety in the wilderness, map navigation, hiking tips and practice, plant identification, proper gear choices and how to use the gear/supplies correctly, etc. We will also be doing fun outdoor games, team building, and some nature based crafts.

This program is a set of 3 Saturday classes, along with a culminating overnight trip. Two of the classes will be day hikes in the Sierra's, and one will be a food prep/skill class. The overnight trip will be two days and one night in the Sierra Nevada.


Parents are welcome on any of the hikes. One volunteer is needed for the overnight trip for safety, and parents are welcome to fill this spot if interested-- as long as they use the same necessary gear and precautions that the students are required to use. If parents are not interested in filling this spot, a Ventures volunteer will come along for the overnight trip.


Dates TBA


Class 1: Shealor Lake Trail

What to Bring:

Bring a water bottle to each class, and dress in appropriate clothing and shoes.

Overnight trip will require specific gear. Limited gear is available to rent, so purchasing or renting elsewhere may be necessary.

These classes go fast, so secure a spot in advance!

Refund Policy


Class 1:

Class 2:

Overnight Trip:


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