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El Dorado County

June 27th- July 1

Ages 11- 17

This camp gives teens an opportunity to explore career options that are outdoor oriented- whether that means the career itself takes place outdoors, or it takes place indoors but is focused on nature in some way.

Each day of the 5 day camp, different mentors will present their outdoor career to the students and lead them through a project that gives them a simulation of what a day in that career might be like. Students will have the chance to ask all the questions they want, try it out, and get a taste of the opportunities out there for them.

Careers highlighted in this camp include conservation, forestry/fire, entrepreneurship, photography/other art forms, education, agriculture, and more.

The mentors are amazing people and are excited to share their expertise and passion for their jobs with your kids!


June 27- July 1

Monday- Friday

9am- 2pm


Art Weisburg Park, El Dorado Hills

Google Maps link

What to Bring:

  • Full, large water bottle


  • Backpack to carry items

  • Appropriate clothing and shoes to wear


  • $478 per week

    • $378 for the next 5 days with discount code SpringSale

      • This price equals only $15 per hour of camp

    • Sibling discount: 25% off for the additional sibling with code Sibling25


We offer high quality camps run by very experienced guides, but it does cost quite a bit to be able to host them.  

Cost covers supplies/materials, website and transaction fees, preparation, staff hourly payment, mentor payment and preparation hours, insurance, space fees, and more. We appreciate you recognizing that you are investing into your child's experience, as well as into a small, woman-owned and run business that brings years of experience to your children. We put quality over quantity ALWAYS, so that the experience of the students is exceptional.

These classes go fast, so secure a spot in advance!

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