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After School Adventures

Ages 6-10

San Rafael, CA

Want an exciting, safe, outdoor activity for your kiddos after school?

We are here for you!

Join us for the ultimate exploring and adventure class where we learn all about our local environment, play, build, climb, and look at things with new perspectives while weaving in two themes: Survival Essentials + Learning from the Landscape.


Each day includes specially selected projects, experiments, crafts, games, etc to make the learning fun and applicable. Expect your child to be dirty, happy, and full of stories about our activities when you pick up.

Week 1:

Survival Essentials- Flora and Fauna

Learn how to identify our local plants and animals, how to avoid toxic plants, and how interconnected life is via food chains.

Week 2:

Survival Essentials- Mapping

Learn how to read and create a treasure map, the importance of orientation, and create 3D map of your own.

Week 3:

Survival Essentials- Water

Learn how to find water, filter it, and its importance on all life.

Week 4:

Survival Essentials- Shelters + Forts

One of the most highly rated days by previous attendees! Learn how to create shelters and practice making the most creative shelters and forts with friends, and of course play in them after.

Week 5:

Learning from the Landscape- Native Cultures

Learn about the Coast Miwok, their connection to the area, and make Miwok-inspired crafts and tools.

Week 6:

Learning from the Landscape- Adaptations

Learn how animals, plants, and people adapt to their environment, play games and make crafts about the topic, and learn how to use the valuable resources around us.

Week 7:

Learning from the Landscape- Earthing

Another highly rated class! This day is all about dirt! Learn how being in contact with the Earth helps us, then create mud and dig and connect with the dirt in as many ways as possible.



Wednesday's, September 15th- October 27th

4pm- 5:15pm



Marinwood Park (the smaller play structure area/trail entrance on Las Gallinas Ave)

Google Maps link HERE

What to Bring:

Bring a water bottle to each class, and dress in appropriate clothing and shoes to walk/explore/get wet or dirty.

These classes go fast, so secure a spot in advance!


$197 for all 7 weeks (includes material fee)

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