Outdoor Art

Ages: 6-12 & 10-15

This program focuses on the development of art skills and creativity in an outdoor environment, using nature as the subject of the projects or using nature as the materials to create the project. Some projects might include drawing various scenery, making natural sculptures, sketching botanicals, creating our own natural paint or drawing material, watercolors, etc.

Lessons to be Touched On

  1. Exploring Nature through an artist's perspective
  2. Ecology
  3. Creating outdoor art supplies
  4. Botany
  5. Connection between humans and nature
  6. Creativity

Other Information

    • All necessary art supplies will be supplied for each child, and is included in total cost
    • Please bring a full water bottle to each session
    • Please dress children appropriately for the weather
      • Hat/sunscreen in heat
      • Warm layers, waterproof layer, warm hat in cold/rain
      • Shoes capable of walking in for varying distances
      • Unless the weather is very extreme, the meetings will still continue for those dressed appropriately

Upcoming Sessions: 





  • $100/entire 4 week program (Includes a $10 art supply fee, per child)
  • $25/session if paying per session ($10 art supply fee charge in addition)

***Payment can be made by check or cash at the first session

***If you are using Student Funds through a homeschool, make sure to request to use your funds for our program so that the  payment process can be completed by the school